How to Complete a Loft Remodel

How to Complete a Loft Remodel

Many lofts are large and empty, but if a homeowner has the vision and skills, he or she can complete a loft remodel and quickly transform a space consisting of a great blank canvas into something truly valuable and unique.

What is a Loft

Unlike an attic, a loft usually has partial walls on at least two sides, while an attic is entirely separate from the house. Because a loft is different than an attic, converting a loft usually requires a building permit. A building permit is often required because it’s a larger project that is transformative to the home’s structure.

Attic Loft Remodel

Time to Complete a Loft Remodel

No one can honestly answer a loft remodel without knowing the level of construction, framing, what type of windows are needed, dormers, and piping for a potential bathroom. In our experience, however, a normal loft can take on average four weeks. Again, the time to complete a loft remodel depends on factors such as:

The size of the room
The current layout of the loft
Added features like a bathroom remodel

The timeline to complete a normal loft renovation will follow these steps:
1. Initial roof inspection
2. Architect will confirm site suitability
3. Loft is cleared and prepped for renovation
4. Electrical is planned
5. Floor joists fitted
6. Floors are insulated
7. Floorboards laid
8. Reinforce rafters
9. Install dormers
10. Install roof windows
11. Install staircase
12. Vents fitted and dormers installed
13. Windows fitted
14. Roof insulated
15. Walls erected
16. Electrical installed
17. Water access panels and piping bonded (if necessary)
18.Drywall finished
19. Bathrooms completed
20. Finishes, HVAC included

A Loft Renovation

Cost to Complete a Loft Renovation

Most remodeling contractors sometimes consider a loft remodel a less expensive option. It doesn’t require as much labor and building materials, depending on the scope of the renovation. However, reinforcing the existing walls and foundation to bear the additional weight may add to the overall cost.

The cost of converting a loft into aFrom $14,300 to $67,600, it costs to convert a loft into a bedroom with a bathroom. A loft remodel costs $5,000 to $35,000, which includes the cost of enclosing a bedroom and installing a bathroom. It is not mentioned that the bathroom space will be redesigned. The cost of installing plumbing pipes ranges from $400 to $1,900.

A New Living Space

Depending on the type of loft, conversion can cost anywhere between $7,500 and $25,000. You can minimize expenses while making a usable space, even if it doesn’t qualify as a bedroom. Built-in shelving in the loft, in addition to durable flooring, allows the space the ability to withstand the rigors of the home office loft. You may want to skip the window if you’re planning to use the space for storage and install a skylight instead. Upgrade the lighting and hardwood flooring if you’re renovating the gym into a high-impact workout area.

Living Space

When Completing a Loft Remodel

Lofts generally have high ceilings, so think about how you can maximize that space above you. To create a second bedroom, install a mezzanine. A loft remodel should take note of the fact that lofts generally have high ceilings, large windows, and minimal interior walls, making the space very light, open, and spacious. At first glance, common industrial features like exposed brick walls, piping, and concrete floors might not seem naturally cozy. Still, the opposite can be true after some careful planning and problem-solving.