Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning After a Remodel

Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning After a Remodel

If you’ve just finished a home renovation, it’s essential to take care of the carpets and upholstery in your home so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning are essential after any construction work, as dust particles from demolition or remodeling are often left behind on surfaces throughout the house. In addition, carpets become saturated during a remodel with dirt tracked in from outside and materials like paint or glue that may have gotten onto your flooring. Once these items dry, they are difficult, if not impossible, to remove without professional help.


Cleaning Your Carpet & Upholstery Is Necessary After a Remodel

Home remodeling projects typically result in more dirt and grime that can accumulate on floors, carpeting, upholstery, and other surfaces throughout the home. Remodeling your property is an investment, and carpet and upholstery cleaning after a remodel will help you enjoy the new look, feel, and smell of your improved space for years to come.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning After Home Remodeling

Carpets need professional care after a large construction project is complete because heavy machinery has been used on them. At the same time, workers walk all over them throughout each day of work done by contractors. Carpet fibers can hold onto a particulate matter that needs to be removed for it to look its best following a remodel project. It’s necessary for this deep clean to happen because dust mites like dark spaces where carpet fibers congregate, so removing dirt from carpet fibers is the most effective way to kill these microscopic creatures that can create severe allergic reactions for those who suffer from allergies.


In addition, carpets need professional care so they will not show signs of wear (and look worn out) after a large construction project has been completed within your home – especially if you have pets living with you and children at home! Carpet cleaning professionals offer solutions that are powerful enough to eliminate allergens left behind on carpeting and upholstery following renovations in order to keep everyone healthy while still maintaining clean-looking spaces throughout your entire house. 


Carpets should be cleaned within 24 hours of the remodeling project being completed to remove any dust, dirt, and debris that could potentially affect indoor air quality. However, if carpets are not thoroughly vacuumed before they’re left for more than three days after construction is finished, it’s unlikely that all particles will come up even when professionally shampooed with hot water extraction.


Carpets close enough to walls or baseboards may need to be steam cleaned due to contamination from paint splatter on nearby drywall or plasterboard, as well as wood chips from cabinets being removed. If you choose not to have your carpet professionally shampooed at this time, be sure to vacuum thoroughly before the carpets are walked on again. Carpets should also be cleaned after six months, twelve months, or whenever new construction is completed in a home.

Upholstery Cleaning


Upholstery Cleaning After Home Remodeling

Cleaning your upholstery after a house remodeling or renovation project is necessary for a variety of reasons. Upholsteries needs professional care following construction projects because they are home to dust mites and other particulate matters that needs to be eliminated from them for the best possible appearance after these types of jobs have been completed.


In addition, upholstery requires cleaning in order to reduce allergic reactions caused by allergens left behind on furniture following renovations. Upholsteries also tend to collect more dirt and grime over time which can make it difficult when stains happen during your next project or as you go about your daily routine with children who may not know better than leave their spills until someone else sees them!


Upholstery should have a professional deep clean within 24 hours of remodeling being completed as well. Any dust and dirt can quickly get into upholstered furniture and cause permanent stains that will not come out with regular vacuuming alone. Dirt from shoes deposited onto an upholstered piece of furniture then becomes trapped by fibers that attract all types of contaminants, both visible and invisible, even when covered with sheets for protection during construction work. Dust mites feed off human skin cells left behind on seats while allergens like pet dander stay embedded deep in fabric fibers.

Upholstery Cleaning Home Remodeling

Reasons to Clean Your Carpets & Upholsteries

  • Carpets and upholstery can become soiled from construction materials, such as dust or debris.


  • The carpeting may be stained with paint droplets if it is not protected during painting work.


  • Upholstery fabrics may need to be cleaned of hardened adhesives (such as silicone) used in the remodeling process. 


If you decide to have your carpets and furniture professionally cleaned after a home remodel, here are some tips:


  • Protect the carpeting by laying down plastic sheeting before any demolition begins 


  • Cover your belongings with tarps for protection against airborne particles that could cause staining on furnishings 


  • Have all loose material picked up quickly – vacuum everything thoroughly; this will help to prevent debris from becoming embedded in the carpet fibers.


If you’re getting ready to remodel your home, it’s essential to know that if a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company isn’t called in, the dirt will just be redistributed around the house. That means all of those hard-earned dollars you spent on new flooring might not last as long as they could have with proper care. 


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