What is Asian Landscape Architecture

What is Asian Landscape Architecture

Asian landscape architecture is very different from the Western style of architecture and is a much newer form. The word “landscape” brings to mind pictures of vast landscapes in far-off lands, but Asian landscape architecture emphasizes integrating the natural world into the home’s structure. This new approach to home design incorporated nature’s beauty into the architecture, bringing the natural into the built environment in a pleasing manner. Unlike its neighbors, Asia has long been a victim of western conquest and colonization. The Asian people have always treasured their rich culture and traditional heritage, and outdoor Asian landscape lighting attempts to preserve these values while still incorporating modern influences into the home.

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Asian laws are part of traditional building structures. These are the small but intricate details that add to the beauty of Asian gardens. Each element of the landscape is utilized to accent a design feature or create a functional feature. When the whole design is considered, the result is a beautiful garden full of textures and elements that coordinate. Larger structures, such as ponds and artificial hills, are generally found in larger Asian landscape architecture projects. A simple pond and waterfall may be the focal point of one large design, while a series of small stones or pebbles on a smaller scale can give rise to a garden full of color.

While most Asian outdoor landscape lighting architecture projects are designed for an existing home, some newer projects allow an Asian community to construct a new home near an existing structure. Many Asians who own their own homes do so to sell them. However, many Asians find it necessary to spend some time in the Asian community every year to keep up with family traditions. In this way, they help to preserve the past year of living within the Asian landscape architecture.

The concept of preserving the past is not new. Some cultures have done just that by building their gardens around a ritual spot or location important to them. For example, the Chinese built their gardens in an open space that was created by a mountain. The Japanese have spent many years creating gardens that mirror natural environments and are very carefully tended. And, the Asian nations themselves have always looked to nature to keep their citizens healthy, happy, and out of misery.

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Of course, not all Asian landscape architecture is designed to look the way it does because, within Asian design projects, there are always the purposeful considerations of nature itself. For instance, a pond in a rice field is typically built so that local wildlife can enjoy the water. The rocks chosen for this type of design project are usually stone. The water adds depth and interest to the gardens as well. And, of course, the plants that are chosen to be planted in these landscapes are kept very simple to facilitate easy maintenance. For example, weeds are either planted to be eaten off or taken away.

Of course, as Asian lighting landscape architecture becomes more popular in the United States and other parts of the world, there will be more attempts to do Asian-inspired design projects. The news is great news for those who love Asian-inspired interior design. They are sure to find many innovative new ways to create beautiful interiors and landscapes in no time at all. Plus, the great thing about this type of architecture is that it often brings the elements of nature closer to humans, which is always a good thing.